What to consider when opening a pop-up store post lockdown

Before COVID-19 struck worldwide, pop-up stores were thriving. But when the UK’s retail sector went into lockdown, pop-up stores did the same. 

Now that many stores have reopened, with many more planning to in the near future, it’s thought that in this tough economical period that’s steeped with uncertainty, pop-up stores could make a fast and fierce resurgence. It’s predicted that both small and larger retailers will seek to pave their own way in the multi-billion-pound pop-up market in order to test our product in a low-risk risk, low-commitment way before applying it to the wider market.  

Are you considering opening up a pop-up post lockdown? Here’s what to consider first.  

Consider your end-goal before you start
It’s easy to be swooned by the magic of having your own shop or stall in a public place, selling your goods and wares. There’s something magical about it. But things often do go south, so is there an alternative? Can you sell your goods at a fair, an event, or online without the pressure of regular costs?

Plan, plan, and plan some more
There’s never anything wrong with planning. Market research, historical trends, competitors, government or local grants, and any other help you may be eligible for can be a huge benefit to you. Everybody knows about the struggling high street, and we know that something must and will happen. Keep a close eye on it and your research could pay off double. Ensure you know how to adhere to social distancing and what measures you will be taking to keep your staff and customers safe. 

Location, location, location
As with planning, location will play a significant part in your overall success. Do you sell to businesspeople, students or the older generation? Your planning should have identified some key areas for you to target, so do your all to be close to the action and stand the best chance of success.

Be somebody
Even if you’ve bagged a space in a prime location, widen your audience by proactive, intelligent marketing. As with many small businesses looking to open a pop-up, you’ll probably already be online and on social media. Push your channels further, produce offline marketing such as leaflets and posters and, where possible, push for a joint effort if there are other independents in the vicinity. Strength through unity!

Budget like mad
None of this so far comes without an initial layout. Again, as part of your planning process, you should ideally have gone over your budgets meticulously and stayed on track. If you have a strong local or social following, consider calming down your marketing efforts. If you’re all about the products, try investing in improved (or simply more) stock.

Most pop-up stores are D.I.Y., so a big part of the fun is working the hours, meeting your customers and selling your gear yourself. That’s not always possible, though, and sometimes you need to enlist some help. Before you go searching online, is there anybody that can help you out on the cheap? Think family, friends, and students before plumping for a full-time staff member.

Probably one of the most important aspects of any pop-up shop, or any business for that matter, is compliance. Without the right legal blocks in place, your pop-up shop could be committing a crime and, if and when you’re caught out, the legal and financial implications could ensure you never open up another pop-up again.

High-quality insurance is a good place to start. Our team at Bush and Associates can help support your project and equip you with insurance for your contents, stock, equipment and liability cover. Give us a call on 01484535820 to find out more.