Legal Liability Insurance


Legal Liabilities covers protect your business against legal claims made under the following categories:

Employers’ Liability insurance is a legal requirement for all businesses with employees, volunteers or trustees and provides cover in respect of injury or illness to such persons arising out of the business.

Public Liability and Product Liability insurance protects you from claims made for injury or loss or damage by third parties and arising out of your business activities. Product Liability cover is needed if you supply products which are found defective and cause illness, injury or physical loss.

Professional Indemnity covers loss arising out or errors or omissions in design, advice or specification you may provide in connection with the business. Cover is needed by the traditionally recognised professions such as architects and accountants but increasingly relevent for the likes of fitness centres, interior designers, landscape gardeners and other trades where advice and design is provided.

Directors and Officers Liability insurance. There are onerous responsibilities placed on the directors and other senior employees of firms and they can be held personally liable for failure to meet these responsibilities which means their personal assets are at risk without this insurance.

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