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About Bush & Associates

Our experience is your protection. Find out more about Bush & Associates

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Who we are

The word ‘insurance’ can be traced back to the 15th century from the Anglo-Norman word ‘ensuerer’ (meaning ‘make sure’) and usage of the word ‘insurance’ has been commonly used with its current meaning since the 16th century.

Bush & Associates isn’t as old as that, but since 2000 we have been providing a wide range of insurance solutions for a wide range of risks.

Though we possess local knowledge, we welcome national clients and continually pride ourselves on providing clients with great service and great insurance.

We provide great insurance cover with an unbiased and extensive general insurance advisory service. We’re consultants, not salespeople, and our focus is on delivering you insurance that meets your requirements and gives you peace of mind.

Whatever your insurance needs, you’re in safe hands with Bush & Associates – our experience is your protection.

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The Power of WE™ - Brown & Brown

Bush & Associates is a trading name of Brown & Brown Insurance Brokers (UK) Limited, part of Brown & Brown, Inc. one of the world’s largest insurance broking businesses.

Brown & Brown supports our business by providing access to strong insurance partnerships, enhanced insurance products, risk management resources, and the expertise of over 14000 insurance professionals worldwide. To find out more, visit